The Ian Driskill Memorial Fund

The Ian Driskill Memorial Fund was established in 2017 in honor of Ian Driskill’s passion for the arts and film. Your donation to this Fund helps ensure the accessibility of Maryland Film Festival’s public programs to members of the community, youth organizations, and area schools.

The MdFF has established special initiatives and funds to support our mission of bringing films, filmmakers, and audiences together in every way possible.

A Message from the Driskill Family

Almost 30 years ago – this June – we were blessed with a beautiful gift: our Ian. From the beginning, Ian was a quiet, somewhat shy, and introspective boy – always thinking and observing. Ian’s love, initially for books, was astounding and never wavered as he grew older. Heck, in the 3rd grade our Ian tried to plow through Ulysses, as he knew it was written by one of his dad’s favorite authors, James Joyce. This passion for books expanded into music. Ian was always discovering the newest bands, sometimes before many had even heard of them, and he was so excited to share their music and lyrics. He and his dad Lee became regulars at Merriweather, where the beer vendor soon named them “concert buddies!” This passion and appreciation for books and music, along with good artwork, quickly expanded into film. 

Film to Ian represented the embodiment of all forms of art. Film exemplified beauty and knowledge, found in so many different genres. Ian was always sharing movie trailers with his friends and family; his excitement was contagious. Because of Ian’s true appreciation and understanding of art, we believed it only fitting to start an “Ian Driskill Memorial Fund” through the MdFF, so others would have an opportunity to also experience this art form and reap the knowledge and beauty found in film.

As most of you know, our Ian was a thinker and a constant giver with compassion for all – kind, almost to a fault. We were proud of the young man Ian had become and all the plans Ian had made to grow even further, always challenging himself.

Words cannot adequately express how we will forever miss Ian walking in the back door with his big smile and contagious laugh. Ian’s sense of humor was dry, yet he could always draw a laugh from anyone with his unexpected interjections of well thought out quips. If Ian had information to share, you had better not dispute, unless you also were able to back up your side of the discussion.

Ian never turned down anyone in need of support or just a sounding board. He was always there for anyone – friend, family, or even acquaintances. We’ve found that our Ian touched so many people’s lives. Ian was our confidante, mentor, and constant. I know we will forever be waiting for our beautiful Ian to walk in that back door, give us one of his big hugs, and share his love. Forever in our hearts and never forgotten – Ian is just a thought away. In this, Ian, you will continue to always be our constant.

“May Ian Be With YOU!”