Feedback Screenings

We want the Parkway to be a center for great film programming for everyone.

To do this we are conducting some market research, which is the process of exploring our audiences, the programming that excites you, and collecting feedback on how we can improve all aspects of your experience at the Parkway.

Our market research will begin as a series of Feedback Screenings. Think of them as focus groups for a movie theatre!! These screenings are free and open to the public so we want you to come and bring your best friend, your mom, your neighbor, any and everyone else who likes to watch movies!



The days and times of the screenings are an intentional part of our research. Come to the one that would be your ideal day and/or time to watch a movie at the Parkway. We’ll ask you about this in more detail during the Feedback Screening.

Monday, Feb 10th – 5:30pm

Saturday, Feb 15th – 11:00am

Wednesday, Feb 26th – 7:00pm


– You will need a smart phone or device to participate.

– Arrive to the theatre, get your free Feedback Combo (one Parkway movie voucher, one small popcorn, and one fountain drink), and get comfy in your seat.

– Our Marketing team will introduce themselves and explain the format of the screening and how you will provide your feedback.

– We will keep things moving along and just ask for your patience during the session as your fellow audience members answer the questions.

After conducting these screenings our team will compile all of the feedback collected and begin to use that data to help make programming decisions that we hope will enhance the Parkway experience. We thank you in advance for your patience and support as we continue to learn and grow together!