Shorts: Balti-Shorts

2019, 101 minutes, Digital, NR

Comprised of five incredible Baltimore-made films (3 documentaries and 2 narratives), our first-ever Balti-Shorts program sees these films in conversation with one another about our beloved city. Each film exposing the individual threads woven into the rich tapestry of Baltimore life and reflecting the many forces that shape and take shape in our beautiful, vibrant and oft beleaguered Charm City.

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Darren Mallett, 2018, USA, 15 minutes
BodyMore follows activist, Carrie Cook, as she returns home to Baltimore to protest the police in a brutal killing, a wild party sets off a series of intimate betrayals that complicate her quest for justice.
Emily Stubb, 2018, USA, 20 minutes, World Premiere
In the world’s wealthiest country, access to healthy food should be a basic human right. In Baltimore City, many neighborhoods offer limited nutritious options for residents. This film attempts to raise awareness through the stories of people working to make a difference.
Finding Phoebe
Sade Clacken Joseph, 2018, USA, 20 minutes
A 17-year-old girl struggles to find her way in the streets of West Baltimore, while balancing the toxicity of an unstructured home and falling in love for the first time.
Gun Show
Richard Chisolm, 2019, USA, 30 minutes, World Premiere
After assembling mock assault rifles out of everyday found objects, sculptor David Hess goes on the road to explore America's obsession with guns. Gun Show is a film about the power of art to advance a conversation.
Gabe Dinsmoor, 2019, USA, 20 minutes, World Premiere at MdFF 2019
How one woman is changing the violence prevention movement one homicide at a time.