Shorts: Diverging Forms

This program of short films presents unique angles in the exploration of surface, portrait and pattern. The narrative is a personal puzzle — a reimagination of passage, line, and landscape.


Ticketholder must be in line 15 minutes prior to show time. No refunds or exchanges.

Additional Images
Jesi Jordan, 2018, Canada, 11 MIN, World Premiere
Blossom is an animated diary documenting my experiences over the past 4 years, drawn and presented in chronological order.
Mary Billyou, 2017, USA, 4 MIN
Self-defense techniques demonstrated and repeated to the creeping pace of Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are." Self-aware performers remix violence into complementarity, inspiring movement into the promise of a dance. A pink print directs informed movement, now as it was then.
Robert Todd, 2017, Iceland/USA, 13 MIN
Warmth in the foreground, in the shadow of ice. An homage to the fantastic, provided by others in art and life.
Marnie Ellen Hertzler & Beth Hoeckel, 2017, USA, 2 MIN
Easter is here and things are starting to get strange.
Tinne Zenner, 2018, Greenland/Canada/Denmark, 20 MIN
"Go outside. The lovely mountains two, Sermitsiaq and Kingittorsuaq, look at them.” The landscape acts as a scenery for collective nostalgia and city development in Nuuk, Greenland, as the film studies glitches in translation of language and culture in a post-colonial modernity.
Fernanda Faya, 2016, USA, 12 MIN
As she moves from Brazil to NY, the filmmaker looks back at her grandma's migration as a way to find traces of her own identity.
Réka Bucsi, 2018, Denmark, 21 MIN
SOLAR WALK shows a journey through space and the process of creation within an animated cosmic chaos.
Karen Yasinsky, 2017, USA, 7 MIN, World Premiere
A character created over the time of animating the cobweb and thinking about Mississippi Mud by Bix Beiderbecke. Additional music by Andrew Bernstein; with Gillian Waldo.
Akosua Adoma Owusu, 2018, USA/Ghana, 3 MIN
The spirit of Tracy Chambers, the struggling fashion student performed by Diana Ross in the 1975 Motown film Mahogany, is re-imagined by the Nigerian actress Esosa E.