Shorts: Narrative

2019, 92 minutes, Digital, NR

This dynamic, globetrotting collection of shorts offers supremely enjoyable episodes of storytelling in brief. Those on the hunt for engaging tales told from beginning to end, need not look beyond this showcase of narrative skill and rigor.

Additional Images
Just Philippot, 2018, France, 17:36 minutes
A troubling cloud is taking shape somewhere out west. It’s now slowly moving inland, forcing the population to run away. As the cloud keeps on moving forward inescapably, panic strikes. That cumulus is acid.
All These Creatures
Charles Williams, 2018, Australia, 13 minutes, 16mm
An adolescent boy attempts to untangle his memories of a mysterious infestation, the unravelling of his father, and the little creatures inside us all.
Virginie Berthier, 2019, France, 19:00 minutes, U.S. Premiere
August 1661. Henriette de Coligny, Comtesse de la Suze, solicits from the ecclesiastical justice the holding of a Congress.
Dios Nunca Muere
Barbara Cigarroa, 2018, USA/Ireland, 15 minutes
Living in hidden America, Paula, a Mexican farmworker, struggles to raise two children on her own. When a new caravan arrives on the cramped lot they live on, Paula allows herself to imagine the home is theirs—a fantasy highlighting the fragility of her reality and her family.
Good Boy
Fantavious Fritz, 2018, Canada, 11 minutes, 35mm
A K9 officer trainee and his partner train for their first day on patrol. Play, repetition and positive re-enforcement reveal the casual nature of manufacturing violence on command.
The Outsider
Yudhajit Basu and Prithvijoy Ganguly, 2018, India, 17 minutes
Against the mountainous terrain and misty landscape, this is about a contemplative return of a man to his village after a decade.