THE MADS from Mystery Science Theater 3000

90 minutes

Presented by: The SNF Parkway Theatre and Celebrated Summer Records

Cast: Frank Conniff and Trace Beaulieu

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Arrive early to meet and greet with Frank and Trace, and take advantage of our full bar with dozens of craft brews on draft and in cans.

Stick around afterwards for photo ops and the chance to hang out with Frank and Trace!

The Mads! Live Movie-Riffing with “TV’s Frank” Conniff and Trace Beaulieu from Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Two nights! • A different film each night!

Both films announced! Read more about the films below.

The Films:


Friday night film is THE CHOPPERS (1961): An insurance investigator (Tom Brown) follows a feather to Cruiser (Arch Hall Jr.) and his gang of teenage car strippers.


Saturday film is THE NEANDERTHAL MAN (1953): A scientist (Robert Shayne) turns his maid into an ape-woman, his cat into a tiger and himself into an ape-man.


Join MST3K’s Frank Conniff and Trace Beaulieu at the historic SNF Parkway Theatre in Baltimore, MD, for an evening of fun and laughter as they screen some endearingly bad films and roast them, live-and-in-person, in the same style as their classic TV series. Ticket price includes meet and greet event, photos, and autographs.


If this show were rated it would probably be PG-13, but keep in mind it is a live show so anything could happen!


Frank Conniff is a comedy writer and performer who began his TV career writing for the Peabody award winning Comedy Central series Mystery Science Theater 3000, where he also played “TV’s Frank,” the bumbling yet lovable mad scientist sidekick. He then went on to be a writer, producer and actor on the ABC TV series Sabrina the Teenage Witch and he was a writer and producer on The Drew Carey Show, The New Tom Green Show, and the satirical series O2BE, where he was also a cast member. He was head writer of the animated Nickelodeon series Invader Zim, and also was a writer and producer for the Air America Radio network.


Trace Beaulieu is a comic actor, writer, performer. He was a founding member of the Emmy nominated, Peabody Award-winning, cult hit show Mystery Science Theater 3000. In addition to writing, occasionally directing, designing and building sets and props, Trace performed the puppet character Crow T. Robot, and mad scientist Dr. Clayton Forrester. He repeated these roles in the 1996 film version of the show, MST3K: The Movie. Trace wrote for America’s Funniest Videos for nine seasons. He played a recurring character on Freaks and Geeks, and has had cameo appearances on The West Wing and Arrested Development.

Trace and Frank, along with comic Carolina Hidalgo, can be heard weekly on the podcast, MOVIE SIGN WITH THE MADS. Listen on SOUND CLOUD, iTunes or at

Additional Images
The Choppers
Leigh Jason • USA • 70 min • Friday 10/26
An insurance investigator (Tom Brown) follows a feather to Cruiser (Arch Hall Jr.) and his gang of teenage car strippers.
The Neanderthal Man
Ewald André Dupont • USA • 78 min • Saturday 10/27
Professor Groves, an expert in prehistoric life, proves his theories with an extract that'll regress a cat to a saber-tooth tiger and man to a Neanderthal.