My Art

2017, 86 minutes, Digital, Not rated

Language: English

Director: Laurie Simmons

Cast: Blair Brown, Robert Clohessy

Distributor: Film Movement

Presented by director Laurie Simmons, with special guest John Rothman.

Laurie Simmons is an American photographer, artist, and filmmaker and the mother of award-wining actress Lena Dunham of Girls fame.

John Rothman, a Baltimore native, is an accomplished actor and writer best known for his roles in Gettysburg (1993) and Ghostbusters (1984), also appearing in The Devil Wears Prada and The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Single, New York City artist Ellie Shine is looking to gain inspiration and tranquility as she housesits for a friend in upstate New York. Accompanied by her lovable handicapped dog, Bing, Ellie comes of age —- middle age -— in her new surroundings. She turns the adjoining barn into her new workplace, staging elaborate recreations of classic movie scenes, ranging from SOME LIKE IT HOT to A CLOCKWORK ORANGE.

Business unexpectedly evolves into possible pleasure when she unwittingly finds inspiration in two out-of-work actors who maintain the gardens at her summer retreat: Frank (Robert Clohessy), a recent widower trying to reassemble his life by turning his back on a mediocre acting career, and Tom (Josh Safdie), a young, hungry actor whose wife (Parker Posey) has a less ambitious vision for their idyllic country life. Joining them is John (John Rothman), a thrice-divorced, disillusioned lawyer looking for a summer distraction. This unlikely trio helps Ellie reinvent her artistic identity by participating in her DIY art videos—improbable recreations of old Hollywood films. They accompany Ellie on an odd and unexpected journey toward finding her late-blooming artistic momentum.