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CJ Gardella, 20m, USA
A wilderness gothic yarn set in a crumbling estate where strange visions and paranoia afflict its occupants.
Feels Good
Andrew Okpeaha MacLean, 15m, USA
Sometimes the best day of your life is the worst day of your life.
Peter Koutsogeorgas, 15m, USA, World Premiere
The key to a woman's apartment is taken by something unseen.
Tom Teller, 20m, USA
When a Mars colony's comm satellite is damaged, Emilia Riley embarks on a seemingly harmless repair excursion. A shuttle malfunction cuts connectivity to the ground and Chris, her son, makes the knee jerk decision to go after her.
Alex Clark, 14m, USA
A lone man is terrorized by a masked burglar late one night, but the intruder soon realizes that the man's house is not what it seems.