Additional Images
Growing Girl
Marnie Ellen Hertzler, 11m, USA
A PowerPoint presentation about snakes.
Gunge Buddies
Meredith Moore, 12m, USA
Equal parts documentary and fiction, this experimental short explores what happens when a group of friends from an online community get together for the first time to participate in one of the most innocuously beautiful and messy fetishes around: gunging.
Mike Plante, 6m, USA
Barry works out. Human form vs film form. Edit, distortion and sound design by Mike Plante
Mr. Yellow Sweatshirt
Yoni Brook & Pacho Velez, 8m, USA
In this epic of the everyday, a man enters the NYC subway.
The Perpetual Motion of My Love For You
Karen Yasinsky, 9m, USA
A collage film slipping between narrative starts of images and sounds: May Sarton's snapshots, a resplendent Liz Taylor, internal and external awkwardnesses, a short respite of peace and a dogged, deeply sad positivism. The varied fragments introduce domesticity, boredom, female and maternal forces and war, with the purpose of acknowledging the mysteries. They are many. voice: Jim Fletcher
Sneyd Green
Simon Liu, 11m, UK/USA, US Premiere
It’s any day, any year, in the house of Alan and Vera in their Post-Industrial English conurbation, yet on this week they are interrupted by their camera toting grandson. Sneyd Green is a handmade exploration of positive and negative space in concert with past and present yearnings. Music by Warren Ng
To You Dear Friend
Jimmy Joe Roche, 9m, USA
I made this film during an intense bout of insomnia. This film is an attempt to communicate my inner life during that most difficult time. Much of the film is shot through homemade lenses. I choose to keep the soundtrack silent to accentuate the rhythmic structure of the images and communicate the trance like space between waking and sleeping.
Turtles are Always Home
Rawane Nassif, 12m, Lebanon/Qatar/Canada
This is a short essay about the meaning of home and the search for it in a transient environment. It is a personal journey inwards with an intimate camera that observes and takes its time to look at the buildings and the surroundings only to find its reflections.
Walking Cycle
Wenhua Shi, 8m, USA/ China
Walking Cycle is an abstract audiovisual piece that celebrates the line, its quality, and its movements. This piece is a tribute to early abstract animation masters Len Lye and Hans Richter.