Additional Images
Dear Renzo
Agostina Gálvez & Francisco Lezama, 20m, USA/Argentina
Two young Argentines, brought together by chance, wander the streets of New York City, increasingly lost in a maze of currency exchange, translation problems, religious vocation and nocturnal flirtation.
Deep Blue
Joe Nankin, 15m, USA
A young Mennonite woman harbors a secret romance on the eve of her baptism. Engulfed by questions of spiritual belonging, carnal love, and identity, Eva gropes for an emotional foothold. Where will she find herself?
one of the roughs
a kosmos, Carmine Grimaldi, 22m, USA
A kinetic camera explores the enigmatic and playful sensory world of an imaginative girl who tends sheep and her guardian.
Frank Mosley, 14m, USA
A naked body moves a stranger to empathy.  PARTHENON is a slippery provocation on art, control, and perception.