Shorts: Comedy

2019, 82 minutes, Digital, NR

After the laughter comes tears. Sometimes those tears are from laughing so hard you cry, and sometimes they’re from crying so hard you eventually have to laugh. Whether fueled by chuckles found in the absurd, or the painful truths hidden in dark humor, these shorts are sometimes funny haha and sometimes funny oh no!

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Amazing Bagel
Dara Katz and Betsy Kenney, 2018, USA, 14:43 minutes
In this gentle comedy, Devin, a single, 30-year-old woman learns—unbeknownst to her—she's had a miscarriage, and like everything else in her life, she has no idea how to feel about it.
Brett Kavanaugh is Ruining My Sex Life
Kristin Slaysman, 2019, USA, 7:16 minutes, World Premiere
A couple struggles to make a kinky sex tape in the wake of the Kavanaugh hearing.
Mike Egan, 2018, USA, 11:44 minutes
Neo-sun worshiper Martin prepares to appease the solar Gods with ritual human sacrifice. But first he needs a spray tan.
Matt Porter, 2019, USA, 7:44 minutes
Mitch & Emma's breakup is interrupted by Ryan, a stranger looking to buy Mitch's bass amp.
Executive Assistant
Kate Reed Petty, 2015, USA, 14 minutes, World Premiere at MdFF 2019
A recent college graduate struggles to complete a freelance job for a cryptic client.
Bryan Poyser, 2019, USA, 12 minutes
A freelancer working for a job-matching website gets hired to help a dominatrix with her invoices but finds out there's more to the job than he thought.
Horatio Baltz, 2019, USA, 8:00 minutes
A disgruntled delivery man, a woman with chronic déjà vu, Pat Sajak, and a slow dance in a Chinese takeout restaurant.
Passive Aggressive Dads
Jim Picariello, 2018, USA, 4:45 minutes
Two middle-aged dads just want to spend a quiet day with their daughters at the park. But when an obnoxious group of teens drive by, too fast and too loud, it spurs these aging, disgruntled dads into a self-righteous act of passive-aggression.