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Brad Cuts Loose
Christopher Good, 16m, USA
Brad, an uptight office drone, seemingly discovers the perfect vehicle for letting off steam when an advertisement for a business catering to his innermost desires pops up one morning on his computer. Brad's subsequent visit to the business and encounter with its receptionist Janine, however, don't quite go as planned.
I’m in Here
Willy Berliner, 12m, USA
A man finds a family of strangers in his house who claim to have bought the place, even though it was never for sale.
Call Your Father
Jordan Firstman, 19m, USA
Usually a reserved guy, Greg struggles to keep up with young, unpredictable Josh on their first date. But as the night continues, things spiral out of control and the two men must confront the generational divide in this cutting and insightful comedy about what it means to be gay in contemporary America.
Alex Kavutskiy, Ariel Gardner 10m, USA
A man opens a door to a robot that boasts exceptional ability and intelligence, but the man has only one thing on his mind. Practiced vulgarity that escalates to a darkly hysterical extreme.
The Poet and the Professor
Ariel Kavoussi, 24m, USA
In New York, a young aimless writer named Ariel bounces back and forth between two equally dysfunctional affairs - one with her depressed married philosophy professor, and the other with an old angry cinematographer.