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Get The Life
Ozzy Villazòn, 12m, USA
A transgender teenager faces an unwanted pregnancy and risks losing everything he loves in order to live courageously.
Lizette Barrera, 10m, USA
A wayward teen revisits her hometown to reconnect with her cousin, despite her aunt’s wishes.
Next Exit
Alberto Govela, 12m, Mexico/USA
An afternoon of a XXIst Century man in a XXIst Century city.
Pet Friendly
Catherine Licata, 15m, USA
When a couple's cat goes missing on a cross country move, their relationship is tested.
Snow Day
Jesse Thurston, 14m, USA
The roads are a mess and the subway is down, so Mark and Maddie are spending all day together, whether they're "ready for that" or not. Meanwhile, Mark's roommate makes chili to stave off a minor breakdown. A meditation on how well we know the people in our bed and across the hall.
Laurel Parmet, 8m, USA
Amanda struggles to keep something inside as she spends the day taking pictures of her best friend.
Anu Valia, 13m, USA
An unassuming woman visits a teenage boy in the hospital following his failed suicide attempt. In the waiting room she meets the boy’s grief-stricken music teacher who discovers she may not be just another well-wisher.