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The Collection
Adam Roffman, 12m, USA
Two friends stumble upon a unique and valuable piece of film history in Omaha, Nebraska.
Sean Stiller, 10m, Canada, USA Premiere
Using the backdrop of traditional Shuswap territory in British Columbia’s interior as both physical and symbolic landscape, Kéwku weaves the tumultuous life experiences of Shuswap elder Ralph Phillips to his relationship with the healing medicine sage.
The Man is The Music
Maris Curran, 19m, USA
THE MAN IS THE MUSIC draws us into Atlanta‐based artist and musician Lonnie Holley’s imaginative and captivating world.
Tarek Turkey, 15m, Lebanon
Fourteen-year-old Nidal is one of the 4.8 million Syrians who have been displaced by war. Born female, Nidal has identified as a boy since he was nine years old which coincided with their escape from Syria. As his body starts to mature, he is forced to navigate the complexity of his circumstances in the confines of a refugee camp and a culture that cannot comprehend gender fluidity.
The Rabbit Hunt
Patrick Bresnan, 12m, USA / Hungary
In the Florida Everglades rabbit hunting is considered a rite of passage for young men. The Rabbit Hunt follows seventeen year old Chris and his family as they hunt in the fields of the largest industrial sugar farms in the US. The film records a tradition by which migrant farm workers in the communities surrounding Lake Okeechobee have been hunting and preparing rabbits since the early 1900s.
Run of Press
Mina Fitzpatrick, 6m, USA
A visual-audio journey of the interactions between humans and machines in the largest printing facility in North America.
Christopher LaMarca, 6m, USA
Thrush invites the disconnect to our auditory experiences outside of urban landscapes and the lack of sensual, unmediated connection to wild places.