Additional Images
Fry Day
Laura Moss, 16m, USA
An adolescent girl comes of age against the backdrop of serial killer Ted Bundy’s execution in 1989.
Jack and Jill
Nikhil Melnechuk, 16m, USA
Two roving tough girls wreak small-town havoc and seek redemption.
Spiral Jetty
Ricky D’Ambrose, 15m, USA
An applauded New York intellectual hires a young archivist to whitewash her late psychologist father’s reputation by eliminating a forbidding, potentially incriminating paper trail.
Lance Edmands, 15m, USA
Fleeing the responsibilities of her crumbling relationship, a young Brooklyn woman retreats to her late grandmother’s decaying house upstate, only to discover that some unexpected guests have moved in.
True Blue
Chris Osborn, 19m, USA, World Premiere
A pyramid schemer’s dark night of the soul in Atlantic City.