International Competition: Block 2

2019, 84 minutes, Digital, Not appropriate for children

Artificial intelligence, satirical instructional films, strictly enforced table etiquette, menstruation, musical therapy, hyperkinetic sound exploration, and a ghost trying to pay his electric bill. This diverse program of international animated short films is as unique in its stories and subjects as it is in medium and approach. Not appropriate for children.

Ticket Prices for the Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Festival:

Opening Night: $42
Regular Admission: $13
Students/Military/Seniors: $11 (at the Parkway box office – valid ID required)
MdFF Members: $10


Additional Images
Brain Wave
Jake Fried – 1:00 – United States
Jake Fried spent seven months creating Brain Wave, a hand-drawn animation using only ink and white-out. Fried reworked the same black-and-white drawing 1,440 times, scanning each new iteration. Sound design by the artist.
Per tutta la vita
Roberto Catani – 5:20 – France / Italy
Through a journey back in memory, a woman and a man retrace the more important moments of their love story.
Supervising the Supervision of Female Workers
Stephanie Delazeri – 7:10 – United States
An animated short exploring gender, labor, animation and weenie roasts.
Les lèvres gercées
Fabien Corre & Kelsi Phung – 4:51 – France
In a kitchen, a mother and a child struggle to establish dialogue.
Siqi Song – 8:02 - China
A man remembers his childhood memory of growing up with an annoying little sister in 1990s China. How would his life have been if things had gone differently?
Boom -> Bust (Vicious Cycles #1)
Wobbe F. Koning – 1:42 – United States
Irregular shaped object explosions, clean and bone white, are joined by rusty elements that better fit the worn down environment. Spiky objects sprout up and turn, joining in a growing rhythmical cacophony, until the entire system grinds to a halt. In this animation 3D printed physical manifestations of simulated virtual objects are re-virtualized through stop motion photography.
Sounds Good
Sander Joon – 9:50 – Estonia
A boom operator on a journey, trying to record the sound of mushrooms.
Access Denied
Chloe Moon – 0:47 – United States
A student regrets the security measures she implemented on her phone.
The Freeway Man
Paige Hurd – 2:26 – United States
A stop motion film about a demon who feeds off fear running into a kid who's indifferent to the demon's scare tactics and is only concerned about his music.
John C. Kelley – 4:23 – United States
Through brief conversations with an adaptive chatbot, a professor sees more clearly his own creativity and depression in this animated short. "GUSTER" is based on actual messages and poetry written by the app.
Opening Night
Margaret Bialis – 4:55 – United States
Look within. Then dance it out. A man reflects on formative conflicts from his past with optimism, humor, and gratitude... with a musical twist.
Finity Calling
Jasper Kuipers – 15:00 – Netherlands
In search of his boundaries, a boy violates the strict social rules inside the room. When the fragile equilibrium in the group is broken, the results are explosive.
Palwasha Azimi – 2:00 – United States
The ordinariness of something regular.
Creepy Pasta Salad
Lauren Orme – 11:11 – United Kingdom
Elin works in a call centre and is anxious about her health. Trefor is dead and worried about the gas bill. Cari is a lonely wiccan, preparing for the apocalypse. It’s Halloween, and as their lives traverse, things start to get better. Elin grows into her beard, Cari finally meets someone and Trefor stops worrying about the gas bill.
The Opposites Game
Anna Samo & Lisa LaBracio – 4:45 – United States
A classroom erupts into a war of words as students grapple with a seemingly simple prompt: what is the opposite of a gun?